Jerry Burdick


These are a few of my favorite... links

Here's a constantly growing list of websites related to inspirational people, remarkable craftsmen and artisans, outstanding vendors, and terrific gear.


My good friend and awesome bandleader, Carlos Almeida, and his variety of ensembles... jazzbydesign.com, Hip Affair, siliconvibe.com, and fsjazz.com.

The amazing vocalist, Rocio Guitard, who also runs an incredible vocal studio.

Lincoln Adler - this guy...wow. Musician, photographer, sweetest human being ever...

Moises P. Monk - composer and saxophonist extraordinaire.

Roscoe Guitars - Keith, Gard, & crew turn wood and metal into pure art.

Mike Lull Custom Guitars - when you want the "Fender that shoulda' been," look no further.

Devon Guitars - my latest J bass was crafted by Devon Smullen, and I couldn't be happier.

Rob Allen Guitars - As close to an upright as I've ever found.

Gelb Music - my home away from home. :) No better place on the planet to buy gear.

Rocket Music - Okay, if you need a second-best place on the planet. :)