Jerry Burdick


Bass Guitar Instruction

I am happily accepting students, and I always look forward to working with dedicated and devoted bass players. My approach is a bit different from the norm. I like to focus on some key elements and hopefully impart some, "gig wisdom," that I've gathered over 29+ years (gasp!) of doing this low note thing professionally. Here are some specifics that will hopefully help you decide if we should chat in more detail.

I offer in-person lessons in San Bruno, CA. (I tried the Skype/online thing, but couldn't get comfortable with it.) Our first 30-minute meeting is free of charge. I'll provide an overview of my approach and curriculum, and I'll have some questions for you. I'm sure you'll have some questions for me as well, and at the end of this session we can either agree to chart a course of action or to amicably move in different directions. Please think of this as your, "test drive," to see if our goals and objectives are compatible. If so...

My rates are $60 per 45-minute lesson, payable in advance by cash. I do offer small, reasonable discounts for booking and paying for multiple sessions, but this is strictly optional. (I find that this is best discussed after a couple of individual lessons, assuming we've both found a comfort level and have made strides toward success.)

I am somewhat flexible on frequency, but would like us to agree to a general schedule (once per week or once every two weeks is ideal). This will ultimately be a decision for you, but I trust you won't expect miracle results from one session. That said, I'll never ask you to commit to (or pay for) multiple sessions.

We'll augment things based on your individual goals and objectives, but I offer a core curriculum that focuses on proper technique, basic music theory (think major scale!), reading (yes, that ugly word!), live & studio performance, playing multiple styles and genres with authenticity, and getting the most out of your gear. I'll make recommendations on books and other materials for many of these topics, but won't force you to buy or use anything in specific.

I take the teacher-student relationship very seriously, and my commitment to you covers a number of facets. Specifically:

I will be honest in what I can and can't offer you, and will be frank with my feedback.

I will take notes and chart both our successes and the things with which we need to review and work harder to achieve.

I will always be open to your feedback, and I hope you will be honest and forthcoming. Both of us must be happy with the relationship for it to be successful.

Your commitment to me includes your willingness to devote time and energy between sessions to practicing and improving as a musician. At the end of each session, we'll quickly review what we covered, chat about what's next, and set a course for your practice sessions until the next time we meet. You are welcome to use an audio recorder to memorialize what we cover in each session.

If all of this sounds good to you, I'd be honored to chat more, and perhaps schedule that first free session. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience.