Jerry Burdick


The Inevitable Gear Discussion

For my fellow bass nerds, here's a basic rundown of what I'm using these days.


I'm very happily playing instruments from the following craftsmen:

Devon Guitars (DJ5)

Mike Lull Custom Guitars (M5V J & P/J)

Rob Allen Guitars (MB-2 Fretless)

Roscoe Guitars (fretted & fretless)

Sadowsky Guitars (M5)

Amps & Cabs

I use Shuttle & Streamliner amps from Genz Benz, and for the really heavy lifting I have an Epifani 902C.

When convenience > tone, I use Genz Benz Focus cabs.

When tone > convenience, out come the Bergantino cabs.

DI's & Effects

For session work, I've got a Radial JDI, a GrooveTubes DITTO tube box, and when only a Sadowsky will do, a Sad Pre/DI.

Toys: MXR Compressor, Aguilar Octave and Filter Twin.


DR Sunbeam strings.

Lava Cables.

Mono & iGig bags.

Rock N Roller cart (the back saver!).

DeepDish Designs GigBook app for the iPad.